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Early Abbasid stucco decoration in Bilad al-Sham 
Edition: nadbitka z tomu " Bilad al-Sham during the Abbasid Period (132 A.H./750 A.D.–451 A.H/1059 A.D.)" 
Year: 1991 
Early Civilizations: Ancient Egypt in Context 
Year: 2001 
ISBN: 977424365X 
ISBN 13: 9789774243653 
Early Dynastic potter's marks from Polish excavations in northern Syria 
Edition: nadbitka z czasopisma "Berytus" t. 41 
Year: 1993 
Early excavations at Pergamon and the chronology of Rhodian amphora stamps 
Edition: nadbitka z czasopisma "Hesperia", t. 71, z. 3 
Year: 2002 
Early farming cultures on the Lower Nile. The predynastic period in Egypt 
Year: 1977 
Early Iron Age Metal-Working Workshop in Empty Quarter, al-Zahira Province, Sultanate of Oman 
Year: 2018 
ISBN 13: 9783774941120 
Early Islamic pottery: Mesopotamia, Egypt and Persia 
Edition: (ksero) 
Year: 1947 
Early Middle Ages 
Edition: nadbitka z tomu "Ivory: a history and collector's guide" 
Year: 1987 
Early Ottoman Art: The Legacy of the Emirates  
Year: 2002 
ISBN: 1874044457 
ISBN 13: 9781874044451 
Early sculpture at Palmyra 
Edition: nadbitka z czasopisma "Berytus", t. 12, nr 1 
Year: 1956