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A la recherche des fours d'amphores 
Edition: nadbitka z tomu "Recherches sur les amphores grecques"  
Year: 1986 
A Late Paleolithic Kill-Butchery-Camp in Upper Egypt 
Year: 1997 
ISBN: 8385463585 
ISBN 13: 9788385463580 
A Mediterranean society, t. 1: Economic foundations 
Edition: (ksero) 
Year: 1967 
A Mediterranean society, t. 4: Daily life 
Edition: (ksero) 
Year: 1983 
A Nabatean family of sculptors at Hegra 
Edition: nadbitka z czasopisma "Berytus" t. 31 
Year: 1983 
A new Antonine inscription from the Syrian Desert 
Edition: nadbitka z czasopisma "Chiron" t. 6 
Year: 1976 
A new chronology for the ceramic stamps of Herakleia Pontike 
Edition: nadbitka z tomu "The cauldron of Ariantas: studies presented to A.N. Sceglov on the occasion of his 70th birthday" 
Year: 2003 
A new commemorative stele at Petra 
Edition: nadbitka z tomu "Essays in memory of Paul W. Lapp" 
Year: 1971 
A new grave relief from Syria 
Edition: nadbitka z czasopisma "The Brooklyn Museum Annual" t. 11 
Year: 1970 
A note on the collection of wooden objects from the Polish excavations at Kom el-Dikka in Alexandria 
Edition: nadbitka z czasopisma "Bulletin de la Société Archéologique d'Alexandrie" t. 45 
Year: 1993