BAR International Series 2052 Connected Hinterlands: Proceedings of Red Sea Project IV

Blue ( Lucy )
Cooper ( John P. )
Thomas ( Ross )
Whitewright ( Julian )
Morze Czerwone  [ Browse Items ]
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Papers from the conference Connected Hinterlands (Proceedings of Red Sea Project IV) held at the University of Southampton in September 2008. Contents: 1) Ancient polities and interrelations along the red sea and its western and eastern hinterlands (Kenneth Kitchen); 2) History and use of an ethnonym: ichthyophágoi (Oscar Nalesini); 3) The identification of the ancient pastoral nomads on the north-western Red Sea littoral (Hans Barnard); 4) Patterns of trade in the red sea during the age of the Periplus Maris Erythrae (Federico de Romanis); 5) Glass, glassworking and glass transportation in Aksum (Jacke Phillips); 6) Adulis and the Eritrean coast in museum collections and Italian and other European travelers' accounts (Chiara Zazzaro); 7) The linguistic situation on the Dahlak Islands in Eritrea (Marie-Claude Simeone-Senelle); 8) Roman policy in the red sea between Anastasius and Justinian (Dario Nappo); 9) The roman port of Alia: economic connections with the Red Sea litoral (S. Thomas Parker); 10) A Palestinian Red Sea port on the Egyptian road to Arabia: Early Islamic Aqaba and its many hinterlands (Kristoffer Damgaard); 11) 'Amr B. Al-'as's refurbishment of Trajan's canal: Red Sea contacts in the Aphrodito and Apollononas Ano papyri (Frank Trombley); 12) The expansion of Muslim commerce in the Red Sea basin, c. AD 833-969 (Tim Power); 13) Transcontinental trade and economic growth in the early Islamic Empire: the Red Sea corridor in the 8th-10th centuries (Maya Shatzmiller); 14) From the Tihamah plain to Thailand and beyond: preliminary analysis of selected ceramics from Quseir al-Qadim (Rebecca Bridgman); 15) Textiles with writing from Qus?eir al-Qadim - finds from the Southampton excavations 1999-2003 (Fiona Handley and Anne Regourd); 16) Thieves or sultans? Dahlak and the rulers and merchants of Indian Ocean port cities, 11th to 13th centuries AD (Roxani Margariti); 17) Jiddah: Port of Makkah, gateway of the India trade (William Facey); 18) Shipwreck, maroons and monsters: the hazards of ancient Red Sea navigation (Eivind Seland); 19. Early Christian pilgrimages, the Sinai Peninsula and the Red Sea (Walter Ward); 20) Egypt's Nile/Red Sea canals: chronology, location, seasonality and function (John Cooper); 21) João de Castro's Roteiro Do Mar Roxo (1541) (Paul Lunde); 22) Trans-national practices and sanitary risks in the red sea region: the case of the pilgrimage to Mecca (Sofiane Bouhdiba). - from Amzon 
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