Focus on Fortifications: New Research on Fortifications in the Ancient Mediterranean and the Near East

Frederiksen ( Rune )
Muth ( Silke )
Schneider ( Peter )
Schnelle ( Mike )
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With a collection of 57 articles in English, French and German, presenting the most recent research on ancient fortifications, this book is the most substantial publication ever to have issued on the topic for many years. While fortifications of the ancient cultures of the middle east and ancient Greek and Roman worlds were noticed by travelers and scholars from the very beginning of research on antiquity from the late 18th century onwards, the architectural, economic, logistical, political, urban and other social aspects of fortifications have been somewhat overlooked and underestimated by scholarship in the 20th century. The book presents the research of a new generation of scholars who have been analyzing those aspects of fortifications, many of them with years of experience in fieldwork on city walls. Much new evidence and a fresh look at this important category of built structure is now made available, and the publication will be of interest not only to the field of ancient architecture, but also to other sub-disciplines of archaeology and ancient history. The papers were presented at a conference in Athens in December 2012, and they all present material and discuss topics under seven headings that represent the most central themes in the study of fortification in antiquity: the origins of fortification, physical surroundings and building technique, function and semantics, historical context, the fortification of regions and regionally confined phenomena, the fortifications of Athens and new field research.The book is Volume 2 in the new series Fokus Fortifikation Studies, created by the German based international research network Fokus Fortifikation. The topics included have been identified by the network over many previous conferences and workshops as being the most important and as needing research and discussion beyond the network members. Volume 1 in the series, Ancient Fortifications: a compendium of theory and practice (Oxbow Books) appeared in 2015 and together the two volumes bring the field of fortification studies up-to-date and will be an essential resource for many years to come.Table of ContentsRune Frederiksen, Silke Müth, Peter Schneider and Mike SchnellePrefaceIntroductionPierre LericheWhat Does Studying Ancient Fortifications Mean?Origins of FortificationsRune Frederiksen and Mike SchnelleIntroductionPascal Butterlin and Sébastien ReyMari and the Development of Complex Defensive Systems in Mesopotamia at the Dawn of HistorySébastien ReyMesopotamian Poliorcetics Before Assyria: Genesis of the Art of Fortification and Siege WarfareNathan MorelloBuilding the Frontier: Frontier Fortifications in the Assyrian EmpireTomas AlusikFortifications of prehistoric Crete: the current state of researchStefanie HubertLate MH and Early LH Fortifications: Some Considerations on the Role of Burials and Grave Monuments at City GatesGabriele CifaniThe Fortifications of Archaic Rome: Social and Political SignificanceBaptiste VergnaudFortifications of Central Anatolia in the Early First Millennium BCMike SchnelleOrigins of Sabaean fortifications of the early 1st millennium BC – some suggestions to the examples of the cities Mārib and Ṣirwāḥ (Yemen)Physical Surroundings and Technique: The Building ExperiencePeter de StaeblerPhysical Surroundings, Technique, and Building Experience: The State of Research in the Network Fokus FortifikationJean-Claude BessacTechniques et économie de la construction des fortifications en pierre: méthodes et perspectivesTobias B. H. Helms and Jan-Waalke MeyerFortifying a major early Bronze Age centre: The construction and maintenance of Tell Chuera’s (northern Syria) outer defence worksTurgut Saner, Kaan Sağ and Ertunç DenktaşThe Fortifications of Larisa (Buruncuk) ReconsideredAyşe Dalyancı-Berns and Agnes HenningThe Acropolis Wall on Monte Croccia (South Italy). Building a Lucanian Fortification: the Economical and Representative Utilization of the LandscapeFunction and SemanticsSilke MüthFunctions and Semantics of Fortifications: An Introduction Heinz-Jürgen BesteThe Castle Euryalos of SyracuseMathilde Gelin, Jeanine Abdul Massih and Shaker Al ShbibFortifications and Town Planning in Kyrrhos: its Hellenistic origin and its evolutionWolfram MartiniForm, Funktion und Bedeutung der Stadtmauern von Perge in PamphylienUte Lohner-Urban and Peter ScherrerHellenistische Prunktore – ein wissenschaftlicher Irrtum? Vorläufige Grabungsergebnisse vom Osttor von Side aus der Kampagne 2012Klaus FreybergerThe Function and Significance of Fortified Sanctuary Precincts in the Eastern Mediterranean World during the Hellenistic and Roman PeriodsTimm RadtFortified Palaces and Residences in Hellenistic Times: The Upper Castle on Mount Karasis and Other ExamplesJessica Böttcher-EbersZur semantischen Funktion des Bogens im Stadttorbau. Ein Vergleich zwischen republikanischen und hellenistischen StadttorenSaskia StevensCandentia Moenia. The Symbolism of Roman City WallsMelanie JonaschThe fortification of secondary settlements in late Roman GaulGerda Sommer von BülowThe Two Defensive Systems of the Late Roman Imperial Palace of Romuliana-Gamzigrad (Dacia Ripensis)Historical ContextEric LauferAntike Befestigungsbauten im historischen Kontext. Ein Diskussionsbeitrag des Netzwerks ,Fokus Fortifikation‘Pierre DucreyDefence, Attack and the Fate of the Defeated: Reappraising the Role of City-wallsMichael KerschnerNeue Forschungen zu den Befestigungen von Ephesos in archaischer und klassischer Zeit: Archäologischer Befund und SchriftquellenTymon de Haas and Peter AttemaThe Pontine Region Under the Early Republic, A Contested LandscapeChristian WinkleRömisch-italische Stadtmauern der Mittleren Republik: Funktion und Semantik. Eine quellenkritische Untersuchung zu LiviusIsabelle Pimouguet-Pédarros and Nevzat ÇevikLes fortifications de Myra dans la défense de la Lycie orientaleCaterina ParigiThe Athenian Walls in the 1st Century BCCatharine HofThe City Wall of Resafa/Sergiupolis (Syria): The Transition of a Late Roman Representative and Permeable Town Wall over a Sturdy Fortification to an Introverted Early Islamic Haram EnclosureThe Fortification of RegionsSylvian FachardRegional Fortifications and the Fortification of RegionsClaire BalandierÉtudier l’organisation défensive d’une région et son évolution : pour une archéologie historique des fortifications. Question de méthodeMatthieu GuintrandLes fortifications dans le système défensif lacédémonien à l’époque classiqueYannis D. NakasIsolated Towers in the Fortification Network of Ancient Molossia: A Case StudyPierre MoretLes tours isolées de l’Hispanie romaine : postes militaires ou maisons fortes?Emine SökmenSome Preliminary Results Regarding the Mithridatic Defence SystemDouglas UnderwoodCity Walls as Regional and Imperial Strategy? The Case of South LanguedocJosip VišnjićClaustra Alpium Iuliarum: A Late Antique Defensive System in the Northern Adriatic and Eastern AlpsMihailo Milinković,Frühbyzantinische Befestigungen‘ als Siedlungsgrundeinheit im Illyricum des 6. JahrhundertsRegionally Confined PhenomenaSilke MüthRegionally Confined PhenomenaStephan G. Schmid, Caroline Huguenot and Katrin KermasThe Fortifications of Iron Age Oppida in Southern Drôme (France) and the Control of Their TerritoriesKeven OuelletThe City Walls of the Andrian Colonies: Tradition and Regionalism in Military ArchitectureBritta Özen-KleineDas Befestigungssystem der lelego-karischen Stadt PedasaPoul Pedersen and Ulrich RuppeThe Fortifications at Halikarnassos and Priene: Some Regional Characteristics?Sophie HelasPolygonalmauern in Mittelitalien und ihre Rezeption in mittel- und spätrepublikanischer ZeitChiara Blasetti FantauzziChronologiediskurse zu den punischen und römischen Stadtmauern SardiniensMichael EisenbergGraeco-Roman Poliorketics and the Development of Military Architecture in Antiochia Hippos of the Decapolis as a Test CasePierre Leriche and Ségolène de PontbriandLes Fortifications Kouchanes en BactrianeThe Fortifications of Athens and New Field ResearchRune FrederiksenIntroductionAnna Philippa-TouchaisThe Middle Bronze Age Fortifications on the Aspis Hill at ArgosKonstantinos Kissas and Vassilios TasinosDie archaische Stadtmauer von KorinthVassilios Lambrinoudakis and Evangelos KazoliasRecent research in Palaiomanina, AcarnaniaSalvatore de VincenzoNeue Forschungen in Eryx: Die Ausgrabungen an der Stadtmauer und die Topographie der StadtIsabella Baldini and Elisa BazzechiAbout the Meaning of Fortifications in Late Antique Cities: the Case of Athens in ContextNikos TsoniotisThe Benizeli Mansion Excavation: Latest Evidence on the Post-Herulian Fortification Wall in AthensIndex - from Amzon 
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