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Trade and Travel in the Red Sea Region. Proceedings of the Red Sea Project I 
Year: 2004 
ISBN: 1841716227 
ISBN 13: 9781841716220 
Series: BAR International Series 1269 
Figures apolliniennes grecques sur des tessères palmyréniennes 
Edition: nadbitka z czasopisma "Syria" t. 48, z. 1-2 
Year: 1971 
Failaka/Dilmun - The second millennium settlements vol. 3. The Bronze Age architecture 
Year: 2013 
ISBN: 8788415635 
ISBN 13: 9788788415636 
Series: Jutland Archaeological Society Publications 17/3 
Tell Kazel au Bronze Recent 
Year: 2018 
ISBN 13: 9782351597408 
Series: BAH 211 
Archaeology of the Sudan : catalogue of the exhibition in the Poznań Archaeological Museum = Archeologia Sudanu : katalog wystawy w Muzeum Archeologicznym w Poznaniu 
Year: 2015 
ISBN: 8360109443 
ISBN 13: 9788360109441 
Aux pays d'Allat. Melanges offerts a Michał Gawlikowski 
Year: 2005 
ISBN: 8387496227 
Failaka Seals Catalogue vol. 1. Al-Khidr 
Year: 2012 
Kings and Pilgrims: St Raphael Church II at Banganarti, Mid-Eleventh to Mid-Eighteenth Century (Nubia) 
Year: 2014 
ISBN: 8375433713 
ISBN 13: 9788375433715 
Le temple d'Echmoun à Sidon. Essai de chronologie 
Edition: nadbitka z czasopisma "Bulletin du Musée de Beyrouth" t. 26 
Year: 1973 
Aegyptus et Nubia Christiana. The Włodzimierz Godlewski Jubilee Volume on the Occasion of his 70th Birthday 
Year: 2016 
ISBN 13: 9788394228835