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Votive and funerary inscriptions from Palmyra 
Edition: nadbitka z czasopisma "Damaszener Mitteilungen" t. 2 
Year: 1985 
Medieval Nubian Wall Paintings. Techniques and Conservation 
Year: 2019 
ISBN 13: 9788323539131 
Kitition-Bamboula VII. Fouiles Necropoles de Kitition (2012-2014) 
Year: 2018 
ISBN 13: 9782356680617 
Konstrukcja i technika budowlana starożytnej Palmyry 
Year: 2019 
ISBN 13: 9788365719621 
Tell el-Farkha. 20 years of Polish excavations  
Year: 2019 
ISBN 13: 9788360109663 
Ceramiques Egyptiennes Au Soudan Ancien: Importations, Imitations Et Influences (Cahiers de la Ceramique Egyptienne) (English and French Edition) 
Edition: Bilingual 
Year: 2018 
ISBN: 2724707192 
ISBN 13: 9782724707199 
The Second Intermediate Period 
Edition: maszynopis 
Les bains de Marea 
Edition: nadbitka z tomu "Le bain collectif en Égypte: Balaneîa = Thermae = Hammâmât" 
Year: 2009 
Marea or Philoxenite? Polish excavations in the Mareotic region 2000-2007 
Edition: nadbitka z tomu "Lake Mareotis: Reconstructing the past. Proceedings of the International Conference on the Archaeology of the Mareotic Region held at Alexandria University, Egypt, 5th-6th April 2008" 
Year: 2010 
Wstępny raport z wykopalisk w Marei w Egipcie. Sierpień-wrzesień 2009 
Edition: nadbitka z czasopisma "Materiały Archeologiczne" t. 38 
Year: 2010